Social Marketing - The Event 28.02.2013

Who should visit SocialMarketing:2013

Anybody working in a marketing role, for either clients or agencies. SocialMarketing:2013 will target those that have an understanding of social networks but would like to know how to develop a strategy specifically tailored for their brand. Sessions aim to leave you with a better understanding on what various networks can offer and the different objectives that can be targeted.
Visitors will leave better informed on the following areas:

  • UK Guidelines for running promotions on Facebook
  • Research and insight into consumer attitudes to social marketing
  • How to monitor your activity and provide ROI
  • Integration with other media
  • Legal issues
  • Integrating with experiential marketing
  • Psychology of social marketing
  • Predicting future trends

If you need to know more and want to know how social marketing can work for you, use our booking form or email